2014 Between Five Bells H-COTE

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2014 Between Five Bells H-COTE

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The surprise package for us over the last three years has been the H-COTE cuvee. It started in 2012 as a fun experiment, and for some, is now the most interesting and “best” wine of the stable. 

I’m not sure about that, but I do think it has become it’s own thing, with its own following.

The 2014 release is a similar makeup to previous years, but this wine has the volume turned up, slightly.

The Nero d’Avola and Negroamaro spent over 30 days on skins, in custom made puncheons.  They sat on a floor of Pinot Gris skins, and the result is a wine that shows silk, spice, savoury and gulp-able flavours.

We like it a lot.