August 2012

Good afternoon all,

First off, thank you to all on this mailing-list that purchased some wines from the opening offer last month. At the end of the day, we’ve always wanted these wines in the hands of wine lovers; and the main ways to do that, restaurants, wine-bars, fine retailers and a private mailing list, have proved incredibly supportive of our efforts.


On that note, it really is quite humbling to know the wines have made their way through the hands of restaurants across Australia, including Attica, Aria, Royal Mail Hotel, Cumulus, Rockpool Bar & Grill, Sepia, Esquire, Fix St James and many more. Thank you from us.

From the 2011 vintage, we made approximately 8000 bottles of wine. A trifling figure really, and one that is barely a fleck on the total Australian production. It’s not an entirely accidental number either. The main vineyard that makes up around 90% of the Red is just over a hectare. The White, as you can imagine, is very limited because of access to Geelong Pinot Meunier and Riesling. The Rosé is a side-product of both wines, so will always be in very small quantities.

I say all of this without any agenda, only a desire to keep things in perspective.  There’s no two ways about it, we are still learning about the vineyards, ideas and plans that make up the Between Five Bells wines. It would be great to say we’ve mastered them, but that appears some way off.

So, the next few months has us concentrating on these new releases, and helping them make their first overseas journey, to Japan. (Thank you to Carl & Ned at Wine Diamonds. We’ve joined some very illustrious company in their portfolio).

At the same time, we’ll start figuring out what we have from the 2012 vintage. There are about 15+ batches of various things that need to be sorted into some kind of release plan. As you’ve noticed, we’re far less interested in blending to fulfill a goal, but rather ensuring wines of certain personalities get a chance to shine. That may mean more wines next year, or less.

We’ll keep you posted on that.