2012 ROSÉ Release

I write to you today to sell you some wine. Though that is a goal, it is not the sole objective.
An apology up front. I promised to update you in mid-January with the release of our 2012 ROSÉ. Due to many varied and mostly uninteresting events, we’re only just now ready to take orders for the wine.
So, here it is;
2012 Between Five Bells ROSÉ
$148 /six-pack
$290 /dozen
This is our second Rosé, and we think it will find quite a few new fans. We were really proud of the 2011 ROSÉ; it’s earthy, savoury and powerful profile was both loved and dismissed by many. Very unlike any other Australian wine, it was a product of the vintage and an oxidative, wood-aged élevage.
This new 2012 is similar but with brighter, more typical Rosé fruit. It’s dark coloured, with a powerful and dry profile, and is a fine example of our theory that Rosé should have flavour, but still be dry and refreshing.
So, it is very much a Between Five Bells wine and we’re proud to offer it for the back-end of summer. Unfortunately, there’s only about 600 bottles, so please let us know if you’d like some.


We managed to get the 2012 WHITE, RED & H-COTE into bottle this last week as well. For what may sound like a simple task, getting wines ready, with bottles, labels, corks, cartons, inserts…. in the correct amounts…well, it’s a surprisingly difficult brief, (though made easier by the hard work of Alex). It also doesn’t help that we insist on using every complicated packaging technique you can think of, but I suppose that’s just our fault.

We did it though, and the feeling of accomplishment with those wines is starting to seep through. 
They will be released around June/July this year.


Speaking of those wines, we will be showing the upcoming 2012 reds, (the RED & H-COTE), at an interesting occasion happening in Sydney later this month.
Following on from similar events in the UK, some well-regarded and enterprising gents are hosting a “natural” wine festival, (though to be fair I don't think they use that word), in the inner-west of Sydney, called Rootstock Sydney.
It has raised all the usual, often-insular arguments about the merits, value and even descriptions of natural wine. None of this I find particularly interesting, (even though our wines tick most of the standard definitions of the subject). We are however, always interested in getting together with like-minded folk and pouring good wines, and that will certainly be happening.
If you can make it, I strongly encourage you to. Details here- www.rootstocksydney.com


Ok, so as we began, the reason for writing is to announce the release of the 2012 ROSÉ . To purchase, you can do so HERE, if you wish. Thank you in advance.
‘Till next time,

The Between Five Bells team.